Smoking / Vaping Machine

A smoking or vaping machine is used to smoke/vape products in a repeatable manner to allow comparative studies for legislation, R&D, and stewardship.

Cerulean's range of smoking machines meets the requirements to meet legislative standards including ISO3308 (and others). Utilising different capture methods, the smoking/vaping machines can be used to test for standard Tar, Nicotine, and Water contents along with more complex studies for, but not limited to, carbonyls, phenols, and metals.

Smoking / Vaping Machine


SM4XX Range

ISO compliant linear smoking machines


ISO compliant rotary smoking machines

CETI Range

Vape, HTP, Cannabis vape tester

Chimera Range

30-channel continuous aerosol generator


Self-extinguishing cigarette tester


10-Port free-burn tester

SPS Range

Special-application one-port smoke machine

ATMS Range

Aerosol Temperature Measurement System

EDS Range

End-point detection system for vaping


Smoke and vape testing accessories

ECT Range

Electronic Cigarette Tester: e-cigarette test station for testing pressure drop, optical vapour density, and LED Functionality